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  • J.J. Karvinen

    J.J. Karvinen

    🇫🇮 || MA graduate on philosophy from University of Helsinki ||

  • Lance Haley

    Lance Haley

  • Pedro Góis Nogueira

    Pedro Góis Nogueira

    Poems, short stories, essays and aphorisms | Lisbon, Portugal, 1974

  • Above The Middle

    Above The Middle

    Joe Gibson. I created Above The Middle as a place for all things psychology, neurology + personal development. As a cathartic release, I hope my work serves you

  • Juan Meza

    Juan Meza

    Computational mathematician and scientist. I'm also very interested in advancing underrepresented minorities in all sciences. Prof at UC Merced

  • Global Economics

    Global Economics

    Money, Currencies, GDP, Resource limitations and allocation, Production and distribution.

  • Shari-Ann Rosenberg

    Shari-Ann Rosenberg

  • Paul McDonald

    Paul McDonald

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